Winchester voters: tell us about the issues that will decide this election

I’m the presenter of the Guardian’s daily podcast, Today in Focus, and want to take a closer look at Winchester, as a constituency that voted to remain in the EU, is historically Conservative, but is now a serious target for the Liberal Democrats.

I want to better understand how people are liberal, internationalist, and pro-remain but who have voted Conservative – and see how they are feeling politically at the moment- about Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn and their parties and also about the Liberal Democrats. I also want to better understand Winchester as a place.

We will be in Winchester on Tuesday to speak to people involved in the campaign and would love to find other people who would talk to us and perhaps show us around.

We’d like to hear from people; whether they are political, and perhaps involved in tactical voting or campaigning, or if they are watching the election from afar and want to tell us how they are feeling about it all.

We’d also like to find out how you’re following this election whether it’s with traditional media such as TV and newspapers or online news sites or social media. Do you belong to local Facebook or WhatsApp groups?

How to contribute

We want to hear from people who live in Winchester about the issues that matter to them in the upcoming election.

To contribute, fill out the encrypted form below – only the Guardian will see your responses. You can also get in touch via WhatsApp by clicking here or adding the contact +44(0)7867825056. Leave contact details if you can as one of our journalists may be in touch to discuss further.

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