This Cryptocurrency is one of the Best Performing Assets this Year

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2022 has been a difficult year for the markets.  Not only did the crypto bear market start, which in many cases took prices down over 95%, but broader markets have also been in a freefall that hasn’t been adequately remedied by central bank intervention, for fear that inflation will also continue to rise. Moreover, the war in Ukraine (and potential war in Taiwan) has caused further supply issues, as countries around the world struggle to rebuild the economies after politicians shot themselves in the foot with myopic lockdown policy. Fortunately, there is one cryptocurrency whose price has thus far only gone up, and has thus been one of the best performing assets of the year, during a time when everything else was in decline.

The silver lining: Tamadoge one of the best performing assets of the year

Tamadoge is a play to earn gaming ecosystem built on Ethereum, and despite not yet having concluded its presale, it remains to be an extremely successful buy for those who bought in earlier during the presale.

As is quite common, the Tamadoge presale is being conducted in such a way that those who buy earlier were able to do so at a lower price.  When a new milestone is hit, the presale enters the next stage and there is a price rise.

For those who were able to buy in the first few stages, there have already been impressive returns: the initial price of the TAMA at the presale in the first few stages was $0.01, but the price has since risen to $0.027, which is a phenomenal increase within such a short time frame.

The Tamadoge presale will soon be complete

The presale for Tamadoge will soon be complete, having now raised well over $15m of the $19m total target. There will be further price rises as the presale enters the final few stages, notably when the upcoming $16m milestone is hit.

Although the presale was originally expected to take a lot longer, it appears that it may be selling out in record time.  Crossing the $15m threshold was a significant one and shows that there is clearly a huge community supporting Tamadoge. Those who wish to participate in the community should make themselves aware of the Telegram, which has all the most up to date information about the project and is also a place where community members can meet and talk to one another about their shared interest.

How will Tamadoge fare after the presale is complete?

Those who have bought in the presale so far will be interested to see how the price of TAMA performs once the project lists on Uniswap, which is the first exchange that will be granted liquidity.

Future exchange listings for Tamadoge have been planned after this, and there has been some speculation over exactly which these will be, but they are likely to be top tier exchanges.

The future price of TAMA depends not only on growing the community with future exchange listings, but also developing the ecosystem effectively as a product.

Thus far, it has been announced that there are to be a range of play to earn games as a part of the ecosystem and that a metaverse, known as the Tamaverse, is to be rolled out.  The Tamaverse will be a custom-built metaverse that is tailored for the Tamadoge community, and where they can showcase their pixellated pets, socialise, and play games against one another.

Assuming that the team can continue to deliver with the same degree of consistency that they have done so far, Tamadoge ought to perform extremely well after the listing, particularly for those who were fortunate enough to be some of the earliest buyers in the presale.

The best performing projects are often copied

All successful projects will inevitably be copied and repeated numerous times, with varying degrees of success. Tamadoge is a token that has also suffered from this phenomenon, and there are a range of copycat (or copydoge) projects that have arisen in recent weeks.

The same thing is common for many projects who are the best performing in their fields or have achieved the most notoriety: the Bored Ape Yacht Club gave rise to a whole range of copycat projects, none of whom had the same degree of success over the long term, but many of which scammed and exploited their communities whilst piggybacking on the intellectual property of others.

The Tamadoge team would like to remind the community that they should exercise due caution, especially when it comes to fraudulent projects that purport to be the official Tamadoge – always verify that you aren’t in the wrong group.

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  • Deflationary, Low Supply – 2 Billion
  • Move to Earn, Metaverse Integration on Roadmap
  • NFT Doge Pets – Potential for Mass Adoption
  • Play to Earn Utility – Rewards Token