Stocks to watch in after-hours trading: Snap, Tenet Healthcare, Mattel, Boston Beer Company

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Yahoo Finance Live’s Seana Smith examines several trending stocks in after-hours trading.

Video Transcript


SEANA SMITH: Let’s take a look at a number of stocks making moves after hours. All of it today has to do with earnings. First up is Snap. We talked about it, it was at revenue miss. Shares are off now 26%. The company also announcing plans to slow it’s hiring. Daily active users coming in at 347 million, not enough to excite the street and we’re seeing that reaction in the stock this afternoon.

Let’s take a look at Tenet Healthcare. It’s a bright spot in these earnings reports. Their shares up just about 7 and 1/2%. They beat on the bottom line adjusted earnings per share topping expectations, coming in at $1.50. The estimate was for $0.72 of revenue, slightly missing expectations as well as their third quarter forecast, but shares moving to the upside, up just about 7 and 1/2%.

Mattel is a mover to the downside this afternoon. Shares off about 2%. All the worry here is over its margins. Gross margins of 44.4% was a decrease of 310 basis points. That’s really outshining the fact that Mattel delivered results on the top and bottom lines that were decent, but we’re seeing shares move to the downside on that margin pressure.

Boston Beer Company around the south shares off nearly 8%. They missed on both the top and the bottom lines. Earnings of $4.31 revenue, 616.2 million. That was weaker than what the street was expecting. They also lowered their forecast. We know Boston Beer has been having some of those Seltzer problems. We’ve seen waning popularity of Seltzer. They made a large bet on that segment we’re seeing reflected in shares this afternoon off just about 8%.