S&P 500 Elliott Wave analysis: Next market rally depends on this [Video]

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SP 500 Elliott Wave Trading Technical Analysis: SP 500 (SPY), NASDAQ 100 NDX, QQQ ETF, Russell 2000 RUT IWM ETF,  Day Trading Strategies.
Market Summary: Elliott Wave count Wave 5 of (1) so the next session could see the top of (1) The ABC Wave (2) correction, that will be our Trade Set up.
Day / Trend Trading Strategies: Locking in profits and selling at the next high for short term traders. Positions traders wait for the retracement of Wave (2) and I will refine the entries as we build longer term positions into Wave (3).

Video Chapters:
00:00 S&P500 & SPY ETF.
20:23 NASDAQ 100 (NDX).
21:12 Russell 2000 (RUT).
22:25 Thanks for watching!

SP 500 Elliott Wave Counts:
S&P 500 Elliott Wave 5 of (1).
Russell 2000 Elliott Wave 5 of (1).
NASDAQ 100 Elliott Wave  5 of (1).

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