Futures & Options to be soon for everyone in India with Paytm Money

Bangalore-based Paytm Money announced the addition of the ‘Futures & Options’ offering to its platform. Paytm Money has launched the early access program of the Futures & Options trading on its app with the objective to become India’s most comprehensive wealth management online platforms.

Paytm Money mentioned, that with around 2 million direct equity investors in India at present, this segment holds immense growth potential. Also, ease of access and availability of improved information are the two critical factors that would speed-up the growth. With Futures & Options offering by Paytm Money, the initiative to provide an entirely digital, cost-effective, and secure ecosystem to both young and experienced investors will help them trade and invest in F&O. A fully digital KYC and 100% paperless account opening process will allow individuals to get investment-ready quickly without hassles. All the overnight & Intraday trades are as low as INR 10. The product hosted entirely on cloud and developed with well-known technology principles of Paytm is expected to ensure that the platform is smooth, fast, and can manage very large volumes – which is an important technology disruption in the wealth management space.

Product access will be rolled out in a phased manner. In the early access stage, a limited number of users will be given access every day. Post gauging user-feedback and market reaction, Paytm Money will eventually open access to everyone in a few weeks. Currently, only Android & Web users would be able to get early access to F&O.

Paytm Money has mentioned that trading in F&O is said to be a smarter way to bet on stocks by paying a marginal amount and exiting with a profit/loss, i.e individuals don’t have to pay the full price of the stock. Paytm Money has mentioned that investments in F&O via its platform are done in an easier and secure way.