Records reveal dozens of investigations into Georgia election problems

Fraud is rare in Georgia elections, with few such cases brought before the State Elections Board since 2015, according to state records.

Other investigations of this year’s primary election involve voters who requested but never received absentee ballots, voters issued the wrong party’s ballot, county election officials accused of mishandling absentee ballots, a candidate who allegedly dropped off absentee ballots, and voters upset by the elections process.

An inquiry into Gwinnett County’s elections office will look into why voting machines were delivered after polls opened in some precincts, preventing them from opening on time.

Cases can take months or years to investigate before they’ll be presented to the State Election Board, chaired by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Election investigations opened since June 3

Absentee ballots: 19 cases

Election day issues: 18 cases

Voter registration: 4 cases

Candidate complaints: 3 cases

Miscellaneous: 3 cases