Donald Trump Looks ‘Terrible’ At Fox News Townhall, Enormous Pupils Suggest He’s Drugged?


  • Donald Trump’s appearance reportedly looks terrible 
  • The POTUS once again sparked speculations that he’s drugged
  • Donald Trump’s pupils are always dilated 

Donald Trump recently appeared at a Fox News town hall. After making an appearance, the POTUS’s appearance was heavily criticized.

In fact, journalists and netizens also speculated on the possibility of Trump being drugged when he took the stage in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Political Flare journalist Andrea Jefferson described Trump’s appearance as terrible. She also said that the POTUS is far from being a handsome man, but this isn’t the real problem.

The POTUS makes himself look even less attractive because he slathers too much orange makeup on his face. And to make it worse, he is unable to apply his orange makeup evenly.

Jefferson also said that Trump isn’t a healthy man because he is unable to have control of his faculties. In fact, the president’s pupils are enormous, which could only mean that he takes drugs.

The journalist also reacted to a photo of the POTUS with his mouth slightly open and said that it seems as though he forgot his dentures.

“Normally, we wouldn’t mock someone for their appearance. But since Trump is just so damn mean about other people’s looks, he is fair game,” she said.

Meanwhile, some netizens also made a brutal attack on Trump’s appearance.

“Ongoing discussion aberrancy R temporoparietal area. R side neglect. The hair above / behind R ear grey (natural color) compared to the hair dye on top and left. Inappropriate for ambient lighting B pupil dilation. Bottom ‘Giuliani style’ teeth. Mismatch w/ top. Appears unwell,” Twitter user @ededmd said.

“He looks totally out of his mind,” Twitter user @StarryEyed48 said.

“Holy Lord, high as a damn kite,” Twitter user @CheetoBenito1 said.

“Why did he take his teeth out for the second picture? Damn. He is such an unattractive man,” Twitter user @Scattered211 said.

“Eyes fully dilated. He’s not high again?” Twitter user @wvherriott2 said.

“His pupils are quite dilated in the second photo,” Twitter user @DeeBeeThak said.

“He looks physically and mentally ill and has what appears to be a stent on the right of his head,” Twitter user @CarolRenza said.

US President Donald Trump mocked Senator Elizabeth Warren on Twitter after she dropped out of the Democratic presidential race Photo: AFP / MANDEL NGAN