Election 2020: How To Vote For Judges In The Illinois Primary

© Shutterstock Compare evaluations from 13 different bar groups before voting for judges in the 2020 Illinois Primary.

COOK COUNTY, IL — For many voters, judicial races are the most baffling part of the ballot. Many people skip voting for judges out of confusion or randomly select candidates on the ballot knowing very little about them.

In the upcoming March 17 Illinois primary election, judicial candidates are seeking positions on the Illinois Supreme Court, the Illinois Appellate Court and the Cook County Circuit Court. VoteforJudges.org reports the results of 12 bar groups and news group endorsements, which receive information about and evaluate candidates’ performances and recommend whether he or she is qualified to be on the bench.

The decisions a judge makes about family life, education, health care, housing, employment, discrimination, civil rights and public safety can have a lasting impact on our lives. To help you select the most qualified candidates, many of the bar groups compile voting guides to help voters make informed decisions inside the voting booth. It’s more imperative than ever to do the research and only vote for qualified judges.

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Voters are permitted to bring newspaper endorsements, printouts, sample ballots and smart phones to view judicial evaluations in the voting booth.