Trump tweets ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ clip making fun of MAGA supporters

On the first episode of the new season of the HBO show “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” the show’s creator and star Larry David harnesses the power of the MAGA hat in order to get out of awkward social situations. Turns out, President Donald Trump didn’t get the joke.

Most of the episode’s MAGA moments involve David wearing the hat around liberal friends that he’d like to avoid, but in one of the more cutting segments, he uses it to win favor with a Trump supporter.

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On Monday, the President tweeted out a short clip from the show featuring a scene where David nearly hits a motorcyclist. The aggressive biker starts to threaten David, but when he puts on the MAGA hat, the biker turns friendly and leaves him alone. The joke, as if it needs explaining, is that the stereotypical Trump supporter is aggressive and quick to violence.

Trump’s tweet praised the biker as a “tough guy.”

The tweet echoes sentiments Trump has expressed in interviews and press conferences, where he praises his supporters — and the Bikers for Trump group in particular — for toughness.

“Law enforcement, military, construction workers, Bikers for Trump … They travel all over the country …. They’ve been great,” Trump said last year at a rally. “But these are tough people … But they’re peaceful people, and antifa and all — they’d better hope they stay that way.”

On Jan. 7, David addressed the controversy regarding the first episode in an interview with Michael Kay at the 92Y in New York, in which he said he wasn’t at all worried about alienating Trump supporters.

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