Why marketers need to be investing in wellness

Wellness is here to stay and it’s not going away. Speaking at the annual National Retail Federation Big Show conference earlier this week, Mindy Grossman, CEO of WW, the company formerly known as Weight Watchers, emphasized the importance of health and wellness for brands today.

“Wellness is the most used word,” she said, noting that there’s a misperception that some companies don’t realize how encompassing the competition in the category can be. Beauty businesses are no longer just competing with other beauty brands, but are also up against technology companies. “Our biggest competition is people thinking they can get healthy themselves and they need a partner, they’re overwhelmed,” Grossman said. WW rebranded in 2018 but is still dealing with some customer pushback.

On Feb. 6, Ad Age will address how brands are tackling the $4.2 trillion wellness category. Proven Skincare, which uses AI to personalize its products, will talk about how technology infuses its business. Sweet Reason, a CBD beverage brand, will discuss why consumers are drawn to brands that help them relax, and Eric Ryan, the co-founder of well-known brands such as Welly, Olly and Method, will cover the ABCs of launching a wellness company.

In addition, hear from Norman de Greve, senior VP and chief marketing officer of CVS, about modernizing the drugstore chain with a mind towards holistic health.

Other confirmed speakers include: Seth Solomons, CMO of Equinox; Alexandra Zatarain, co-founder and head of brand at Eight Sleep; Abigail Andrews, head of clinical programs at Two Chairs; Mike Grillo, CEO and co-founder of Gravity Products; Mason Levey, co-founder and CEO of Wave; and Taran Ghatrora, co-founder and CEO of Blume.

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