A Great Stock That Could Double Your Money

When this stock breaks this hidden level of resistance, it’s going to cause the Sept. 125 calls to double.

In February, I said something similar when the stock was trading $95.

Now it’s trading $115, and it’s about to move again.

Read below for the details

One of the reasons I like Paypal (PYPL) so much is because I believe it’s the Mastercard or Visa of the future.

It may not be “PayPal” that creates that value. It may be Venmo or some other brand that they own, acquire, or develop.

These guys understand electronic and mobile payments, and that’s the future.

However, as you know if you read this column regularly, I trade when the market demonstrates the time is right, not just because I like the company.

PYPL has a great chart right now for a quick pop, or maybe more, right now.

If you look at the chart below, you can see that in early June PYPL paused around $117.50, before pulling back for a few days.

Then it hit an all-time high near $120 before pulling back again.

Now it has consolidated under the $117.50 level for 3 days.

This has created a very well-defined inflection point that could lead to a $7 price surge from $118 to $125 or higher when $118 is broken.

$7 may not sound that exciting, but if you buy the Sept. 125 calls on the breakout over $118, they are likely to be worth 100% more if the PYPL hits $125 within the next 30 day.

If it continues well beyond $125, then the returns could be 5x what I’m suggesting we could make on just the initial move.

The trade is to enter on a breakout over $118.

Once PYPL trades over $118, then it should not trade lower than $114.50, so exit any trade if PYPL trades under $114.50.

Trade smart,

Rick Nartarian, Chief Investment Officer
The American Investor Daily