The Most Explosive Looking Pot Stock

Earlier in the week, I highlighted a pot stock for its unusually large volume pattern, and it has started to move higher.

Today’s pot stock has one of the most explosive looking price patterns of any of the pot stocks I follow.

Here’s the simple trade plan for the new trade; plus a reminder of the early one.

Aurora Cannabis (ACB) has a classic bullish flag and week of tight consolidation, all sitting on the big volume support of its prior breakout day!

If this starts to resume its uptrend, it could explode higher again!

And as I always like to focus on for you, it also has a good stop.

The entry break out is a trade over $9.30, and the stop is under $8.60. If you prefer to give it more room, a stop under $8.30 would work also.

Finally, if you’re wondering which pot stocks I mentioned earlier in the week it was GTBIF.  You can go back and check out my April 3rd post “Big Money Is Buying This Pot Stock”

Trade smart,

Rick Nartarian, Chief Investment Officer
The American Investor Daily